Fitness Boost IV Drip

Lose weight while being healthy

A one-hour infusion of Myer’s Cocktail and L-Carnitine to help shed those extra pounds.


What health issues can it address?

For those wanting to get rid of those extra pounds quickly, let our Fat Burner Drip do the work!

What are the benefits?

Staves off obesity

Helps maintain energy

Protects cells from free radicals

Supports muscle structure

Helps body restore damaged tissue

Supports circulatory health for physical activity and general well-being

Targets fatty deposits for more effective weight loss

Reduces fat mass while increasing muscle mass

How does it work?

Meet your Doctor

Our doctor will do an assessment by asking about your diet, on-going medications, inform you about the IV therapy, and explain what are the things you can expect during the session.

Learn about the procedure

Your Health Manager will explain to you what will happen during the procedure. A perfect time for you, too, to ask questions!

Preparation time

Your Health Manager will check and prepare all the needed tools, consent forms, and vital signs taking before the procedure, then, administer the IV.


You have the treatment room all to yourself for the next 30 to 60 minutes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the time while getting yourself filled up with some of that healthy fluids!